Smarter Just The Solution For Getting Kids Coding

Code Club

Smarter Solutions, a Wakefield based provider of audio visual and ICT equipment to the educational sector for over 15 years, is on a mission to get kids coding as part of a regional drive to deliver an after-school Code Club in every single primary school across West Yorkshire.

Backing the campaign that has been launched by Cognitiv, the industry group supporting the district’s creative, digital and IT sector in collaboration with Code Club, the national volunteer-led network, Smarter Solutions has trained seven of its team members. As a result, they are now able to volunteer and deliver code clubs in schools.

Providing invaluable support and expertise to teachers, Smarter Solutions has supported three schools and currently deliver two after school code clubs every week, including one at Horbury Primary School based in Wakefield.

David Poynton, Managing Director of Smarter Solutions, comments: “When we heard about Code Club through Cognitiv we knew that we wanted to get involved. Through our existing work within schools we understand that technology plays an invaluable and exciting role in accelerating learning – this is how we see Code Club.

“It’s fun, engaging and, most importantly, it helps youngsters to develop a range of skills that will support them as they continue their education and enter the world of work. And we are really proud to be able to do our bit.”

Craig Stephens, from Smarter Solutions comments: “We have been delivering Code Clubs in schools for a couple of terms now. We received training from Code Club and went along to a local club to shadow the teachers, for us this is where we got to know exactly what to expect and how to work.

“I can’t begin to tell you how gratifying this type of volunteering is. But, it’s not just seeing the kids learn and get so much from the club, it’s also great to see how our support helps and adds value for the teachers too!”

Graham Howarth, from Cognitiv comments: “Code Club is a really exciting initiative which we believe has far reaching potential. But, we know that there is just a handful of code clubs that operate within our district and we want to change that. To do this, we need volunteers just like the team from Smarter Solutions who are volunteering their time to make a real difference. 

“We are working hard to recruit individuals who share our vision and have the enthusiasm and skills to become a volunteer and to support our campaign. Volunteering can take many forms, for example a local business volunteering a team member for an hour each week or an individual who can offer time after school or on a weekend.”

There are over 2,300 Code Clubs in the UK. As part of Code Club children learn to code and develop computational thinking, problem solving, planning, design and collaboration skills.

Code Clubs are traditionally established as after school clubs but can also run in non-school settings. They are aimed at youngsters aged 9 to 11 years old. Code Club provides projects which teach children how to program by showing them how to make computer games and animations using Scratch, web development using HTML, CSS and Python. Code Club is designed to be fun and creative.

Online training is offered to all volunteers, providing them with the right information and the know-how they need to run a successful code club.

To find out more about volunteering to support Code Club across the Wakefield district, email