Member Spotlight - Stada Video


Sum up your business in just a couple of sentences?
We bring value to businesses across the UK with video content. The team look after the video marketing needs of our clients with a clear focus on quality, excellent customer care and results.

Can you provide details of your core services, including any client/sector examples?
Live action corporate films and 2D/3D animation is very much the bulk of our work right now. The great thing about video is it is far from sector specific – all businesses need video. The majority of our corporate videos end up on the clients’ website, as well as being distributed on social media.

We’re currently working on a series of videos for a tech savvy company who manufacture and supply visual and audio warning signals to the emergency services. They absolutely see the benefits of video, especially as their product is so visually engaging. Pictures and text alone just don’t do the product justice.   

Stada Video has just launched a popular new 3D visualisation service. We can recreate any object in a 3D computer generated format; from small consumer products right through to vehicles and housing estates.

What excites you about your business and the work that you do?
The whole team is passionate about working in the video media industry, no two days are ever the same. One minute we’re producing a corporate video about medical equipment and the next we’re creating short films and TV shows.

We get to let our imaginations run free, getting creative and helping our clients grow with video. 

Tell us about a recent project?
Stada Video is expanding in to TV commercial production and we’ve spent the last 12 months producing adverts for Coral Windows. Last Christmas the client decided they wanted to have a fully animated TV commercial, something we’d never done before. But that didn’t stop us. The team worked around the clock and against very tight deadlines to deliver what has to be one of our best projects to date. A sixty second, fully animated TV commercial that delivered results for the client.

This is a great example of the positive company culture and commitment to exceeding expectations and delivering results for our clients. We couldn’t help but celebrate our success on this project.

What one piece of work are you most proud of and why?
In 2014 we launched a new Sky TV channel for one of our clients. It was almost mission impossible but we managed to pull it off and all within six months. This included building the television studios in the centre of Wakefield, setting up the channel with Sky and managing the satellite delivery process with Arqiva in London. We had to go through an intense amount of training with Ofcom for compliance and a ton of important legal obligations. This was only a small part of the project, we also signed up to produce all of the content for the channel – many hours of programmes. All with a team of just three to start with.

The channel launched on time and we played our part in launching and establishing a now self sufficient TV channel on Sky.

Why have you chosen to become a member of Cognitiv?
Businesses often miss what is right under their noses. Wakefield has a thriving business community with lots of SME’s, national and international organisations. I see this as a great opportunity for networking, collaboration and building long lasting relationships locally. Cognitiv is working hard to bring Wakefield businesses closer together and we want to support this venture as much as we can.

What are the biggest issues faced by the CDIT sector?
Technology is advancing at an incredible rate and this can be tough on business, as daft as that might sound. Keeping up can be expensive and can be quite a draw on resources. It also leads to key members of the team taking their eye off the ball to concentrate on the latest fad, instead of creating great content for the client.

News spreads quickly in this digitally connected world and clients are hearing about new technology months ahead of time. As a company we want to be ahead of the curve but sometimes this is out of reach as affordable price and accessibility of this new technology can be months if not years away.

The other main issue is everyone who has access to the internet and a computer is now a creative, a web designer, a developer, a marketer and so on. This creates a very competitive landscape and drives prices down to the ground, with the quality of work often heading in the same direction.

What are the biggest opportunities for the CDIT sector?
The Internet is the biggest opportunity for the sector, the World has become a much smaller place now but the potential audience is massive – and they’re just a few mouse clicks away.