Better Business is Better Connected


The average UK business will need 10 times their current bandwidth within the next five years. This means that high speed broadband is becoming an absolute necessity for your business.   

The Superconnected Cities Connection Voucher Scheme provides grants of up to £3000 to businesses to cover the cost of connecting to a superfast internet connection. It is a national government scheme which is available in Wakefield.  

Superfast broadband opens up a whole raft of leading-edge software and applications that could benefit your business, allowing you to work more efficiently when and where you want, expand your offering and improve interaction with customers, colleagues and suppliers. It offers businesses access to increasingly important technologies such as cloud computing and video conferencing.

A £3000 voucher can be used towards the cost of making the physical broadband connection to your business premises, including works such as cabling, surveys, power supply installation and costs related to wayleaves and easements. The voucher will cover the whole cost of the connection if that cost is between £200 and £3000. It will not pay for VAT, monthly rental or for any IT equipment you use in your business.

Registered charities, social enterprises, sole traders and small or medium sized enterprises located in West Yorkshire are all welcome to apply