Code Club - Realising Our Ambition

Code Club – Realising Our Ambition


On the eve of Code Club's third birthday, Cognitiv members and representatives from local primary schools came together to kick-start a district wide campaign to get kids coding by inspiring schools and volunteers to set-up and support their own groups. 

Welcoming Code Club representative, Linda Broughton, the evening was an opportunity for potential volunteers and local schools to find out more.  It was also the perfect platform for Cognitiv to reinforce its commitment to supporting this nationwide campaign whilst also communicating its vision to see 1,000 kids get involved in local Code Clubs over the next three years. 

This is an ambitious plan, especially when we consider that just eight clubs currently exist within the Wakefield district! Yet with one volunteer already recruited and supporting a Code Club at The Hepworth, the campaign has certainly got off to a good start.

Graham Howarth, Cognitiv Skills Committee member said: “When we originally met with Linda from Code Club, she asked for our help in finding a volunteer for the Club at The Hepworth Wakefield, which had recently launched. 

“We were certainly eager to help, realising that our network of members were the ideal candidates to offer support. Considering the long term needs of the digital and IT sectors and realising the value that young people get from being involved, we knew that there was an opportunity and a need to do more.

“As a result we have set the target that 1,000 youngsters across the district will have experienced Code Club within the next three years and we endeavour to campaign for volunteers, ambassadors and resources that will support our goal.

“We have heard some inspiring stories from volunteers, teachers and even youngsters themselves and over the coming weeks and months we’ll be sharing their stories in the hope that we can inspire more people to get involved.

“We will also be sharing our success, helping you to see the positive impact Code Club is having now and the far reaching benefits that it will have for the future.”

If you are interested in finding out more about Code Club, contact the Cognitiv team. You can also visit