Google are now increasing a website’s ranking on search if it is mobile-friendly …

Mobile Phone

Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly or responsive will be dropped in search rankings now in a new algorithm release. Is your website easily accessible for those on mobile?

If you are visible on Google, you are likely to get more business because of how people research companies in the modern age - one of the first ports of call is a search engine.

So it is important to keep up to date with what Google say they want from websites. Google prioritise sites which have a high quality customer experience and being mobile-friendly is a good experience so it is natural that the major search engine wants to use this more in its search algorithm.

Google announced early this year that from April onwards, websites that are not easily usable on smaller devices will be penalised. Many businesses may have found that the majority of their traffic has been coming from mobile so it may be the push they need. As more people use devices such as tablets and mobiles and notebooks to access their internet, Google will be adjusting how their search engine works to mimic how searchers work to improve the experience.

If your website has been mobile-friendly, Google has been helping your search visibility slightly for some time now, but from April 21st, it will have a “significant” impact.

Image Credits: cicwdn