Member Spotlight - Tim Green Photography

Tim Green Photography

Cognitiv member Tim Green joined us at our recent Code Club event, taking a selection of pictures from the evening. We took the time to catch up with him for the member spotlight, finding out more about Tim Green Photography and some of the tasty delights that he’s captured over the years, we also learn why a car full of kit really is worth it!

Sum up your business in just a couple of sentences?

Tim Green Photography is a commercial photography business working with Design, PR and Editorial Agencies to capture and deliver strong, quality imagery – whether this is a press shot, an image of a product or more abstract visuals.

Can you provide details of your core services, including any client/ sector examples?

Commercial and Editorial are the main fields we work in, one week I will be shooting for British Gas showing the benefits of loft insulation, the next I am on a plane to Thailand to shoot a cookbook!

What excites you about your business and the work that you do?

Photography is and always has been my passion - from the very first day that I did photography on my art foundation course right through to today! I love that every day is different; I enjoy meeting new people; working with clients you see as friends; and turning people’s ideas into reality.

Tell us about a recent project

I am currently working on a cookbook with Colin McGurran who was a finalist on The Great British Menu – in fact he has been a finalist three times!

Recently I have also worked with SR Creative, capturing the latest designs for The Glenbrae Knitwear Brochure, which looks fantastic.

What one piece of work are you most proud of?

The Chilli Banana cookbook I shot in Thailand is definitely up there as one of my proudest moments. It was a first for me and took a great deal of planning, but it was worth it as the results are amazing.

Through my work on the cook book I have enjoyed some amazing experiences and met some life-long friends. I got the chance to meet some exceptionally friendly people and experience amazing food – creating memories that will stay with me for a long time.

I’m now also very good friends with the owners of Chilli Banana - Steve and May Wakefield.

Why have you chosen to become a member of Cognitiv?

I have lived in and around Wakefield all my life and when I was told about Cognitiv and its aims it was an obvious opportunity for someone like me who works in the industry.

I have already benefited from Cognitiv having picked up some new projects from another member.

Wakefield has a rich history of producing creative talent, which in the past has been hijacked by its neighbours, and what excites me about Cognitiv is that if it’s done in Wakefield then the world is going to know it’s done in Wakefield!!

What are the biggest issue faced by your sector?

The digital dawn put a lot of pressure on photography companies and today there are fewer specialist photographers out there. USP is my key word, what can I do that is better than the person who takes shots for his website or brochure with his iPhone?

When I turn up to a job I often get asked why I need so much equipment when the last photographer used the window to ‘light the shot’, but when they see the results they realise that a car full of kit really is worth it.

What are the biggest opportunities for your sector?

We are definitely heading into an exciting time within our industry. As the economy picks up and competition grows, more companies are looking to promote themselves; this presents a great opportunity for me as a photographer.

It’s also important that we educate our clients that good design, photography and promotion are key to setting out their window to the world; as soon as they are on the web you are global, no matter what the size of the company.

What do you enjoy the most about working in Wakefield?

As a photographer location is a big part of my work, the biggest bonus to me is Wakefield is half way to everywhere in the UK, but possibly not Thailand!!

For more information about Tim Green photographer, please visit his member page.