Local Video, Film & TV company commissioned to make TV series, The Horse Man.

Stada Media, a local video, film and TV company based in Wakefield, has been commissioned to make a TV Series entitled “The Horse Man”. The crew will follow a horse trainer as he travels up and down the country visiting troubled horses and helping to fix their problems.

The TV show centres around Shady, a man with years of equine experience. He uses a pressure and release technique that gently helps the horses to understand how to behave in certain situations, whether it be their unwillingness to walk into a trailer and not wanting to be groomed, to more serious problems like kicking out and biting. Shady himself runs a successful business called Shady Horsemanship which offers the same service to clients all over the world.

The series is being shot with a small crew – Series Producer Hatty Settle, Director/Camera operator Danny Lacey, Camera Assistant/Editor Luke Earnshaw, and Sound Mixer/Boom Operator Rob Wingfield. The producing, shooting and editing is being done in house by the Stada Media team, the first project of it's kind for the business.

Series Producer Hatty Settle said “We're incredibly excited to take this project on. Not only is Shady a real pleasure to watch as he works with the horses, but it's a chance for us to hone our skills in the TV production side of our business”.

Shady approached Stada Media in 2014 with a loose idea on what he wanted the show to be. The team then honed the concept, and began shooting in January 2015 with their first horse owner in Dewsbury. Parts of the series are being filmed in the Wakefield area. The show follows a similar format to that of the US TV series The Dog Whisper and the UK TV series Super Nanny. Shady visits the horse owners having watched footage of their horses displaying symptoms of their problems, and then works through techniques that will help them. He checks back in with the horse owners a week or two later to see how they're progressing.

The Horse Man is already attracting interest from major TV channels in the UK and around the World.