Virtual Marketing Room Welcomes New Apprentice Dan Clarke

Wakefield-based Virtual Marketing Room has hired a new apprentice to help out in the office. Dan Clarke will start his official NVQ training in digital marketing shortly to assist in his role at the company.

This month apprentice Dan will start his official NVQ training covering a wide range of subjects within the ever changing world of social media and digital marketing.

Dan said: "I've learnt a lot since I started at Virtual Marketing Room and can't wait to start my NVQ training as there is so much to learn'"

"I never believed I could earn a living through spending time on Facebook & Twitter!"

Virtual Marketing Room Manager Leanne Sowerby said: "Having an apprentice working with us is proving really valuable to our business, as we are looking to grow the business considerably over the next couple of years. Dan has already shown he has what it takes to become a key part of the Virtual Marketing Room team and we look forward to supporting him through his qualification.