Member Spotlight: Mr & Mrs Accountant

Member Spotlight: Mr & Mrs Accountant

This month’s member spotlight is on Mr & Mrs Accountant a family run accountancy firm that specialises in supporting creative industries.


From the brand name through to their supporting imagery it’s clear that this is not your typical accountancy firm so we found out more from Tom Szczepanski. More.


1. Sum up your business in just a couple of sentences?

We’re more than just accountants, we’re a full service business that is dedicated towards helping others achieve their goals. Whether that is through business growth, financing or wealth management, we’re here to help.


2. Can you provide details of your core services, including any client/ sector examples?

Our core service is helping business owners understand their figures, saving them tax and freeing up their time to focus on what they do best.

Through our passion for online bookkeeping we have a natural specialism in the CDIT sector. By helping people adopt these kind of packages we are able to save them hours a month in administration, keep them up to date with regular financial information and give them live pointers on areas of improvement.

We’ve found that organisations from the CDIT community are much more receptive to the online offering. They naturally recognise the benefits, either because they’re more comfortable with computers and their phones or because it helps to support them in an area (finance) which they’re not necessarily comfortable with, and need some help in.


3. What excites you about your business and the work that you do?

There’s nothing more fulfilling than speaking to someone for the first time about what they want to achieve, and then going through each step of the journey with them as they reach their goals.  It’s a rewarding moment to sit down with someone and look back at what’s been accomplished; it’s a moment to be savoured as it doesn’t often last long before you’re setting new objectives to be achieved!


4. Why have you chosen to become a member of Cognitiv?

As a committee member we didn’t have a choice! All jokes aside, the goals of Cognitiv are strongly aligned with our own, so if Cognitiv is successful then it will help us to achieve our goals too. For example, we desperately need a better internet connection in the centre of Wakefield, and we know that this is on Cognitiv’s agenda.


5. What are the biggest issues faced by your sector / the CDIT sector?

As an accountancy firm we always have to stay on our toes ready to react to any of the curveballs that the Government or HMRC might throw our way, there’s also an ever increasing need to have a highly skilled team of people that are available to support the needs of our clients, so they know that they are being taken care of.

As for the CDIT sector, we can see that there is a huge disparity between the skills that are required by firms, and the skills of the employees they are taking on. Also, the CDIT sector is going to experience real growth in the years to come, and with that growth comes new challenges. Businesses are going to face issues around cashflow, financing and proper tax planning, elements that they may not have dealt with before. These need to be managed properly for business owners to achieve their potential.


6. What are the biggest opportunities for your sector / CDIT?

Too many accounting practices use words like ‘proactive’ without really following through with what they are saying, but there are new resources and opportunities available for accountants to become truly involved in their clients businesses, without necessarily incurring the eye watering fees that this might have involved even ten years ago.


CDIT is a really exciting growth sector, and Wakefield has picked up the baton early on by establishing a strong community. Through Cognitiv we have a platform on which Wakefield can not only shout about what it is achieving, but also advance ourselves above and beyond our neighbouring towns and cities.


7. What do you enjoy the most about working in Wakefield?

That’s hard to say when there are so many things to like, I suppose I can narrow it down to two areas. One is the community of people that you see out and about at various events. It’s made up of some of the friendliest business people around, and is never cliquey, there is a genuine atmosphere between people towards making Wakefield a successful place to work and live.

Secondly I believe that this ‘atmosphere’ is having a positive effect on Wakefield, helping to make it successful. You need only attend one of the Wakefield First events to see that this is a city on the move.

We’re all able to make things happen, and I think there is a real opportunity to shape something special in Wakefield, and it’s exciting to be part of that.