Heidi Gets Seriously Playful for Cognitiv

Heidi Gets Seriously Playful for Cognitiv

On Tuesday 5th August Cognitiv representatives were kindly invited to share their vision for the CDIT sector at The Local Creatives’ Garden Party, the hugely popular informal networking event that was hosted by Beam at The Orangery. 


Taking inspiration from the theme of the evening - Seriously Playful, our latest Cognitiv board member Heidi Waddington took the opportunity to inspire local creatives.


Heidi highlighted the many benefits associated with becoming a Cognitiv member. She also stressed how, by being part of the group, you have more say in shaping Cognitiv and the direction that it takes. 


Heidi also pointed out that there are two distinct sides to Cognitiv, business and creative. We want to make sure that both sides are equal in strength to enable us to develop a network which is a breeding ground for collaboration - where creatives can find business support and businesses can link in to people who have a unique way of solving problems and building campaigns.


It was a pleasure to be asked to speak alongside like-minded organisations such as Beam, Art Place, Art House, Friends of Unity Works and The Ossett Observer (not a newspaper). We received a lot of interest on the night and got some great feedback. Thanks to everyone that came and for anyone who missed the opportunity to catch up with members check out our website for some new Cognitiv dates for your calendar.