Cognitiv Question Time

Cognitiv Question Time

Understanding what’s important to our members is critical to Cognitiv. Not only will this help us to stage suitable events but it will also enable us to influence policy and provide the correct support that will be of true benefit to Wakefield’s Creative Digital and IT sector.


We recently joined forces with The Wakefield Business Support Programme to start this process.

Through Cognitiv Question Time, which took place as part of Wakefield Business Week, we created a formal platform for highlighting and documenting the issues faced by the sector with the view that the points raised will help Cognitiv and The Wakefield Business Support Programme to focus support and service delivery in the right areas.

Whilst we await the formal report we wanted to share the critical questions presented to our panel of local experts, which included Robert Powell, Charlotte Blacker, Lindsey Davies, Ian Wainwright and Sean McHale.

Not surprisingly education, training and workspace were popular topics but key questions addressed to support and shape Wakefield Creative, Digital and IT sector included:

  • When recruiting for creative environment, what is the single most desirable quality you are looking for is it education to a degree level, IT and technical skills, imagination or a mixture?
  • How can we encourage more young people, who are interested in the Digital & IT creative sector to consider Wakefield?
  • What funding or grant is available to help small creative businesses to help create jobs and grow?
  • Is Fibre Broadband and 4G being rolled out in the region?
  • What is being done to make students who are going through design base courses more employable when they graduate?
  • How can Cognitiv help us to attract business investment?
  • Who do Cognitiv see themselves representing?

Look out for the full report, which we will share over the next few months. If you missed Question Time and you have a hot topic that should be on the Cognitiv agenda please do let us know by emailing the team at