Important changes for the future of Cognitiv


Dear Member,

Earlier this year we started a consultation process to engage with members to examine the best way for Cognitiv to operate moving forward.

Much has changed since our establishment in 2014 and the committee felt it was important that we remained agile and responsive in how to best achieve the outcomes we have always set out, those of increasing collaboration, representation and promotion of our sector.

To inform this process we held a members event in April to seek the view of members and this was then followed up by this blog post where we invited formal feedback from members.

This process has now been concluded and the committee have now accepted the recommendation that Cognitiv will be incorporated as part of Wakefield Bondholders to continue our future work.

Our sector remains one of the biggest economic and social opportunities for the Wakefield district. Our members are generally SME’s and freelancers and create high value, high skilled jobs for the District. As a volunteer-led industry group, whilst we have delivered some fantastic achievements, we have administrative limitations for recruiting, engaging and organising events.

Wakefield District’s business community is passionate about growth and positive change which has resulted in an extraordinary number of business and community groups, many of which are working towards the same aim of promoting our district.

The opportunity to consolidate with Bondholders, to work directly with them to host creative/digital themed events, will provide more opportunities for local firms in the sector to network and educate the wider business community, whilst also utilising their marketing channels to share news and content.

We believe this will strengthen our efforts to encourage promotion and collaboration, as we can focus more on strategic campaigning around issues like skills and sector strategy, and less on elements which contain more duplication, such as administration and events.


What does this mean?

  • A new creative/digital sector group has been formed within Wakefield Bondholders. This will meet each quarter to discuss sector challenges and opportunities and we strongly welcome as many businesses to attend as possible. Details of this will be shared later in the month. I will be acting as interim Chair for this group to ensure a stable handover.
  • Many Cognitiv members are already Wakefield Bondholder members, so this new arrangement will also represent a saving. For current members who are not members of Wakefield Bondholders, we would recommend you consider this to access not only the benefits of sector representation, but also the opportunity to connect with a wider range of businesses from across the district.
  • Cognitiv will cease to operate as an independent group by the end of this month. No membership monies have been taken in 2017 whilst the committee were undertaking this review.
  • All Cognitiv funds will be transferred to Wakefield Bondholders, but ringfenced for projects which provide creative/digital/IT in our district to ensure these deliver the outcomes we set out.
  • The Cognitiv brand will live on and be used as part of the creative/digital sector group within Wakefield Bondholder.
  • At this time there is no student membership tier, but we are actively exploring a number of routes to enable us to engage with students in the future.


In summary

This is a significant change but one which we believe will deliver the best outcomes for creative and digital business in the Wakefield district, offering a sustainable base for Cognitiv to continue to our work whilst also expanding opportunities by connecting into the growing Wakefield Bondholder framework.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your long standing support and I look forward to working with you to further take advantage of the opportunities ahead for our sector’s development.

Best wishes,