First Friday at Farmer Copley’s...a Christmas Carol

Friday 02nd December, 2016
08.45am - 11.30am

Farmer Copley’s, Pontefract
Wakefield First

“No space of regret can make amends for one life's opportunity misused”

― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Christmas, for many, is often a time of reflection, and a Christmas Carol is a tale of redemption and forgiveness. But do we forgive ourselves of our mistakes in business? Can we learn from our errors and do we have the courage to move forward?

Our lead in our First Friday Christmas story is Jacob Hill, a young and eager entrepreneur with an impressive history of business success behind him, and a world of opportunity in front.

The story will be set at the beautiful and newly refurbished space at Farmer Copley’s, a perfect and cozy setting for this tale of success, failure and redemption……BOOK HERE

Jacob devised his most lucrative venture, The Lazy Camper, a trailblazing concept aimed at festival fans. He entered his business in to a host of national competitions, securing investment from Richard Branson through his Virgin Media Pioneers medium.  Such was Jacob’s success, that he found the company sponsoring leading UK music and sporting festivals.  

When he faced seismic setbacks, from business failures to a 28-month prison sentence after making bad business and personal decisions, Jacob pledged to push through and re-build

Despite all the unfortunate circumstances that he’s faced, Jacob’s most admirable trait is his determination to push through and stay inspired, and that ultimately success comes with passion, instinct and sincerity.

You’ll also hear about the wonderful home grown Farmer Copley’s and find out how this innovative family business has grown massively since its early beginnings as a converted barn café. Expanding in 2006 and then again more recently in 2009 to its present size, boasting 3,100 square feet of retail space and encompassing a 106 seated MOO Café.

Chaired by Adrian Spawforth, Wakefield Bondholders Chair, the event will also feature excellent networking opportunities, and a breakfast of tasty fresh farm produce from Farmer Copley’s!

Although not essential, we highly recommend you come along in your favourite festive jumper (Or ties, earrings…whatever you enjoy!)

Bondholder first Friday’s continue to be a must attend event for local businesses with ambition and a passion for Wakefield. 

Wakefield first Friday will take place on Friday 2nd December from 8:45am to 11:00am at Farmer Copley’s, Pontefract.