Discover Your Future Consumer

Friday 04th November, 2016
8:45am to 11:00am

Hatfeild Hall
Wakefield Bondholders

Global mega trends and customer insight, gleaned from billions of pounds worth of industry-led research, will be dissected and delivered by Andrew Revel from the Retail Institute, at Wakefield Bondholders’ first Friday.

Offering a fast paced and global reaching journey to discover our future consumers, Andrew will look at how we perceive and interact with the ever-changing physical and digital world, focusing on digital and intuitive technology, augmented reality and detailing the innovations that we need to look out for.

The Retail Institute combines academic research and commercial knowledge to provide unique insights not readily available for businesses. Andrew has worked within the industry for many years and has experience within the retail, travel, media and fashion industry for brands and retailers including Billabong, Panasonic, Nestle, STA Travel, Asprey and Tesco.

Chaired by Adrian Spawforth, Wakefield Bondholders Chair, the event will also feature networking opportunities alongside a breakfast of hot sandwiches, pastries and fruit. Bondholder first Friday’s continue to be a must attend event for local businesses with ambition and a passion for Wakefield.