Cognitiv launched in April 2014 to benefit Wakefield’s Creative, Digital and IT sector. It followed research by Wakefield Council, which identified these vibrant industries as priorities for growth and also highlighted collaboration, promotion and representation as means of offering support to the sector. In July 2017, Cognitiv joined Wakefield Bondholders and is now the creative/digital sector group within this organisation.

As a result of this research a team of professionals from across Wakefield set about developing Cognitiv, a not-for-profit group that would strengthen the infrastructure for growth and enhance the potential of success for Creative, Digital and IT businesses across the district.

Our Aims

The aim is to add real value by bringing Cognitiv members together to build partnerships and to create better business opportunities. Through Cognitiv we promote member success, experience and expertise and we work on their behalf to address important issues faced by the sector.

Our goal is to support growth and to help make Wakefield a great place to run and work in a Creative, Digital and IT business.



We connect individuals by creating informal and formal opportunities to meet and do business with like-minded people. 



Working on behalf of members we create one voice to address important issues faced by the sector, such as skills shortage, retaining talent and strengthening the infrastructure that supports growth.



We promote why Wakefield is the best place to establish and work in the Creative, Digital and IT sector whilst also sharing and showcasing the success of our members.


Be part of it: join Wakefield Bondholders and Cognitiv: the creative/digital sector group